Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jet Man & Our Dreams

Loved seeing you all this week. And great to say "Hi" to Kingsford. We had a good time talking about great things in the city!

And thrilled about this guy, with wings and jets and our dreams to lift him up!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tokyo News crew captures Scooterdude in action

Perfect weather, gusty winds, to catch the scooter-sailing on video and carry the images off to Japan. The link will be posted as soon as the footage is online. Great to meet Ayumi Nakagawa of Temjin Co. Ltd. and her smiling cameramen and sound people. Scooterdude never turns down an opportunity to show off!

“Arigato, my new friends!“

It was the time of day or week, but it seemed more than coincidental to see my good friend, Lois, there, and then another old friend, Mark and his brother Frank, and son David. ”Scooteduuuudddee!“ I heard the call. ”Scooooootttteeerduuuuudde!!!!!“ So, of course, there he goes. It’s his cue. Up, on the chin, goes the scooter in that display of serenity and balance.

When there’s a strong wind, more and more people ‘get it’ and see just what magnificent moves the wind-scooter is capable of and what it can do.