Saturday, February 14, 2009

Furious Winds.....The Season for Serious Scooter-Sailing!

The Waterfront-route (which includes Rowe’s Wharf, Fanueil Hall, along State Street and over Beacon Hill then across again to South Station) can hardly match the ‘surf’ of the Copley Sq. area, but it kept me in its loop for the sheer variety of paths and people. It was a sweet taste of what it could be like as I happened upon some DJ music for the Zipcar promotion in Downtown Crossing. Figure-Scooting is second only to Scooter-Sailing when it comes to sheer joy. In that oppressive venue, with dark cavernous hollows cut by hostile store-fronts and lost gazes on people meandering through shadows unsure and distrustful of their surroundings (it’s one of the most violent areas in the city!), I can’t help but feel my presence and performance at least might bring some lightness and childlike release. At least, it appears on the smiles of children, elders, and even the cops on the beat.

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