Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weather for Ducks (Duck Tours, that is!)

This gray, cloudy, and often damp weather may cause some to dismiss this Summer altogether, but for some of us, the Summer is still a wonderful time for outdoors activities.

Take for example, the Duck Tours. They’re outfitted already for the wet weather. I think that even the drivers have webbed-feet!
Just yesterday, Ol Scooterdude met up with Frim Jolly, one of the Skippers of the Duck Tours who took a moment to warn us of a mighty storm approachin’! And, sure enough, Scooterdude looked down at Frim’s sandaled feet which are usually hidden from view while skippering his craft and saw, for a fact, that Frim’s feet are webbed!!!! Scooterdude also noticed some feathers protruding from behind the sleeves of his smock. Of course, this only adds further to the delight and respect Ol’ Scooterdude has for the crew of the Duck Tours.

I think they all perform a great service to the city of Boston and we should all ‘make way’ for ‘em.....
especially during these wet Summer days when we’re all likely to feel quazy and quacky!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Surf's Up and a Special Moment

Although most of the people rushing through the Square were bent down, clutching fast to their shaking umbrellas, against a drenching wind-blown drizzle, and who must have been repeating in their heads, “This is the worst first-day of Summer! Ever!!!”, Ol’ Scooterdude found it to be perhaps one of the best days for Scooter-sailing he had ever the pleasure of enjoying.

Traffic was light, fewer pedestrians around which to navigate, and a strong steady wind, flowing in the unusually accommodating direction of a South-westerly, following with the one-way traffic up St. James St. I estimate that the “waves”, in Wind-Scooter terms, there were 15ft. ‘swells’ and ‘choppy’. To put the rating in perspective, I regard 20 -25ft. swells to be the highest, strongest waves possible to ride on the wind-scooter. (Experience has taught that these are most likely in the rough ‘season’ of February and March!)

But, wind-direction also plays a role. What good are the strongest 25 ft. swells if they are only flowing across buildings and perpendicular to paved areas? Generally speaking, I’ve discovered that there are just about 5 out of 6 directions that are advantageous to wind-scootering, and that of these, 3 are good to go with strong currents of wind, and finally that only 1 is the perfect combination of wind velocity and direction. This was the case yesterday!

So, the rides were fantastic.

I want to add, that, while Ol’ Scooterdude was enjoying these ‘rides’, there emerged from a car parked alongside the Square plaza, a woman, two boys, and then a man battling against the wind and rain with a flag.
They came and stood in the middle of the square, by themselves, with the flag held firmly.
I approached them and asked about the flag and their purpose.
They explained that it was the flag of Iran and that they were there to continue a witness to the ordeal the Iranian people are currently suffering in their homeland.
I couldn’t help but admire their solitary witness, their commitment and resolution that, despite this dismal day of wind and wetness, they came out to stand for their people and for the democratic principles that all of us share.
It was a poignant expression and, for Scooterdude, heartfelt.

In an otherwise joyful thrill of ‘the ride’, here is grief and sober reflection.

(These events have indeed hit Scooterdude hard.)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance for World Community Festival

Ol Scooterdude really enjoyed the all-day cross-cultural dance festival in Cambridge.
Great music and performances, finishing with 'Dancing in the Street'.
Thanks goes out to all who volunteered and shared in the event.

Scooterdude stowed his sails for a while and just enjoyed his 'Figure-Scooting'.
When asked, he mused, "I think I'll consider a more polished performance sometime soon.
I'll be working up a routine and let you know."

We'll be looking for you, ol Scooterdute!