Sunday, June 28, 2009

This gray, cloudy, and often damp weather may cause some to dismiss this Summer altogether, but for some of us, the Summer is still a wonderful time for outdoors activities.

Take for example, the Duck Tours. They’re outfitted already for the wet weather. I think that even the drivers have webbed-feet!
Just yesterday, Ol Scooterdude met up with Frim Jolly, one of the Skippers of the Duck Tours who took a moment to warn us of a mighty storm approachin’! And, sure enough, Scooterdude looked down at Frim’s sandaled feet which are usually hidden from view while skippering his craft and saw, for a fact, that Frim’s feet are webbed!!!! Scooterdude also noticed some feathers protruding from behind the sleeves of his smock. Of course, this only adds further to the delight and respect Ol’ Scooterdude has for the crew of the Duck Tours.

I think they all perform a great service to the city of Boston and we should all ‘make way’ for ‘em.....
especially during these wet Summer days when we’re all likely to feel quazy and quacky!

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