Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last night, having some extra time on his hands, Ol Scooterdude ventured out to the Greenway area and the Quincy Market area:

“I poured myself into my performance. With my new light attached (which I was able to quickly damage! LOL) and the energy of great music in my head, I was able to perform in front of the gatherings by Fanueil Hall and Rowe’s Wharf. I explained my ‘Figure-Scooting’ to some cheering spectators, and offered a demonstration even though they couldn’t hear the music I was listening to on my iPod.
        ‘Well, I wish you could listen to the music and catch the special lighting I’m imaging here!’ I shout out as I race past the seated group.
Sometimes, the passion gets so intense that I forget where I am or who is watching. ‘I’m in an altered state’ I laugh with the silver bar twirling high in the air!

It was especially nice to meet “Jason Argonaut” from the Duck Tours. In our conversation, I related to him how it might have been a kind of “despair” which actually first impelled me on this K2 Scooter-Path. From those first attempts at gliding six years ago, then those initial attempts at wind-drive three years ago till today’s practice of moves and maneuvers, it’s been a compulsive quest. It’s even a spiritual journey into a world of movement, motion, body, mind and spirit.

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