Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flotsam Feast

Thanksgiving Dinner 'washed up' on Carson Beach

I usually don’t post these sorts of things on Scooterdude’s blog, but I had to mention that, while I was walking my lil’ Scooterdude, I came upon an entire Thanksgiving Dinner on the sand of Carson Beach this afternoon. I first spied a lump of orange-red on the beach and as I came closer it was discovered to be an entire turkey, cooked and all, on the sand. And then, as I walked further around, I realized the whole area was littered with fruits, unopened cans, some fresh corn on the cob, and even some chips and appetizers....! If I didn’t find it so disturbing that some one would carelessly dispose of perfectly good food in this manner, it might have been actually comical. I couldn’t help but feel, however, the actual tragic nature of this ‘flotsam feast’.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking (Wiki)

Learning about 'hiking' en fuite here

Wind-Scooter Hiking-Stick

Latest Innovation for the Wind-Scooter - The Hiking Stick

Thanks to Hector, who suggested this while ringing the bell at the corner of Dartmouth and St. James across from the Boston Public Library and who happened to discover a pole nearby for me to use, the design for sailing has been improved with a spinnaker-boom or Hiking Stick to manage the sail. It’s great. The only problem is transporting it on my bike with the wind-scooter. It ought to be much longer and as a consequence really extends far beyond the rear-end of my bicycle. I might need to attach a red flag as I pass through automobile traffic.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Scooters Day

All Scooters Day Boston

"To Scoot" - means to make room for.. the meshing of culture, language and the arts in our environment to bring about positive social change. To be a "scooter" you don't need to have your own set of wheels although it is my preferred means of travel. We are all human powered emotionally driven sapiens with similar yet different angles of vision.

All Scoot Day! Nov. 1