Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Wheel! Thanks, Everyone!

This past week I finally did the work on my last K2 wheel (the rear-wheel has consistently suffered the most wear-and-tear. I've had to regularly repair and replace it.) There is no longer any replacement that I have saved in storage nor any that I can find on-line. The source & supply has finally and certainly dried up. Don't know how much longer I'll be out there enjoying the sport. It all depends on how long this last wheel endures.

In the meantime, there are a few options open for me.

Adopt & Adapt:

I can obtain a new scooter/device to be some kind of wind-vehicle.

(A formidable task given the fact that it requires a set of skills and knowledge of the new craft just to make the decision to attempt a 'sailing'.

Wind-Scooter Manufacture

I could try, actually, to get the Wind-Scooter, finally, in some kind of serious manufactured production!

(This has been my dream all along, but I've found the obstacles, involving time, money and energy, very difficult to surmount. I suppose that if I found myself unemployed again it might put the pressure on me to pursue the patenting and business of wind-scootering. I would certainly begin to have the time, if not the available funds.)

Retire & Redirect

This is the most likely outcome.
It's really only about waiting.

It's "time will tell" and watching what emerges in the sports market and seeing if someone has already come up with something that I can get excited about.

It's about finding another passion for myself, a way to get out there and enjoy the world in a fresh new way, a way that I maybe haven't even considered for myself.

It means channeling my energies in a different direction again.

Perhaps, this blog will now remain only as the archive of one of happiest periods of my life, with no new significant entries. I'll forever treasure the experiences recounted in these pages, the wonderful years of performing and engaging in my self-created sport.

I'm intending to write more at my website. I'm also interested in developing a new weblog for my creative projects. I'll still be posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and so many other social network sites. So, those of you who still would like to keep current with what Scooterdude is up to won't have any problem doing that.  I've also treasured the many people and smiling faces I've encountered in these years. Thanks to you.

To all of you!

ps. Just a last word too. As I say, on some windy day, you may still be out in Copley Square and suddenly some crazy guy with a plastic-bag speeds past you. Another wind has caught him and carried him to another exotic port-of-call!