Sunday, December 9, 2007

Scooterdude as Artist/Philosopher - Video Portfolio

A video-portfolio of my mandala art-work, my hand-crafting of the frames, and my concept of the frame as a window beyond itself, the liberation from spatial constraints.

Like the points of a compass, the four-parts may possess their own dimensionality. Maybe, as a casual conclusion, there's the 'illumination' at the end of the presentation. But, each mandala, as is true of every circle, is complete in itself and needs nothing else.

Meditating on the Circle is a primary vocation for the spiritually-oriented. There's no way to get around it. One must travel through the Circle, like a tunnel. As a Circle of Life, we can speak of a Tunnel of Life through which we must pass, con-joined beyond Time or Space with and in the Single-String.

There are references and further resources available and obtainable.

As a picture-framer craftsman, I've been keenly aware of the horizontal/vertical constraints on our experience and imaginations. Here are circles within circles. Here are my visual renderings, attempts to reach out and beyond our 'categories', beyond the constraints. The mandala-artist is yearning to relate to the Whole, yearning to comprehend the Center, deeply craving to grasp the Single-String connecting it all, the entirety of Reality Itself.

The Holiday 'Warming' Up! Ho Ho Ho

A great time with Jack and Peg and the gang in Franklin. Scooterdude took on the role as Rudolf, and thought he might guide the sleigh on his WindScooter aloft!

"No problem!"

Looking forward to the First Night Festivities. See ya all there!

WindScooter July 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rev. Scooterdude Breaks Through the Space-Time Barrier!

I recall now, that, on Sunday at the Frog Pond, I was performing and during one combination of movements I suddenly felt as though my movement had become collected and frozen. I felt as though even while moving gracefully in gesture and articulation, I’d become like a statue. I’d become one form. The K2 had also been encorporated into the sculpture. It was the most remarkable experience of time and space that I’ve so far achieved. It was a view into another dimension I believe. It’s conjecture of course, but still, the memory of it in a visceral as well as contemplated way remains perplexing and intriguing. I could almost sketch the figure I’d carved out, like the continuous-image photograph. This must be a truer sense of reality, where past, present, and future merge, where there is no “time” and space is completely filled with all things at all times.

Ah yes, the Single-String!..... Experienced!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scooterdude Spotted Again

Here is some images taken by Mr. Wood of Cycles Maximus. (Check their fine site It was great meeting him and colleague and to learn about their cycles. Best of success!
Also, it’s been such warm weather that Doug has been able to extend his season. So, you can still stop by ‘Big Daddy’s Hot Dogs’ in Copley Square and enjoy the edibles at his stand. It’s nice to see him doing a brisk business.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Angel-Light, the Gaze of Child-like Delight

In October, especially in the afternoon, the illumination in the Square is brilliant. Always changing, the reflections off the Tower’s glass-panels cascading down onto the brick pavement, or the rays reflected off of the Church’s stained-glass, or other ‘echoes of light’ in this rectangular canyon shower the ‘Trickster’ with the special effects he often requires for his performance.
It was a delight again to be greeted by the Duck Tour hosts and their crews. Always a pleasure to wave and laugh to the families and the children. My heart grows fuller and fuller with each passing observer and welcome. It does both my mind and heart good to be so involved in the passing of the day with so many people in this mid-Autumn glow.
There, another picture is snapped of me with my WindScooter above my chin!
And, there, a video camera follows my glide around the plaza!
And, there again, a ‘high-Five’ from a group of skateboarders! “THAT’S SICK!”
“Thanks!” I shout back as I catch the next ‘wave of wind’.

But, it was a passerby named John who offered me a nice word of encouragement. “You are like a child. Even in the Bible, it calls us to be like children. You’re happy and that’s attractive and desired by people who watch you.”

“Thanks, John.” I said, shaking his large, carpenter’s hand. “I’ll treasure what you’ve said. Happiness, yes. Happiness to be found in life, in whatever circumstance or station in life we might find ourselves.” To everyone who watches, I hope I can express these sentiments, that we find ourselves as children, that happiness is available day to day, perhaps in the simplest of activities and sharing, in the smiles and laugher of life, as the children know it, and teach us.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Scooterdude, or Trickster?!

a simple ride, a simple glide...

Windy City (reprise)

fellow street performers

Honkfest Poster

Great Weekend in Harvard Sq.

Honkfest and OktoberFest! A great success and celebration of music and community joy! Scooterdude of Copley Square transformed into Scooterdude of Harvard Square, as he 'figure-scooted' to the fantastic carnival sounds from the several stages. The band from Portland, OR which finished the festivities was rockin' Some of my fans were thrilled to see me there, and asked, "When are you gonna be on Jay Leno?!"

Hmmmm.....thinkin about that now....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trinity Church - Sacred Space in Boston

Special Installation at Trinity Church

This seems a worthwhile event at this sacred space in the middle of Boston's Back Bay.
Go to:

mobius presents
The Human Cost of War
by Joanne Rice
of the Mobius Artists Group
Daily at Noon, Starting October 7
Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston

Joanne Rice of Mobius Artists Group
Starting Sunday, October 7 at noon and designed to continue for two years
Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston

Joanne will bring 100 small stones to a site by Trinity Church, Boston on a daily basis at noon, starting Sunday, October 7, and designed to continue for two years. The stones will ideally accumulate at the site and eventually number over 70,000 if the site goes undisturbed. Joanne Rice asks "What is the human cost of war? I hear the numbers and think: my brother, my sister, my mother, my father . . . The action remembers the daily toll of war." The site is on a grassy area at the corner of Boylston and Clarendon Streets by the Trinity Church sign.

From Trinity Church: "To be the host for this art action was a natural choice for Trinity Church. As a parish, we pray for peace for all people. And as our landmark building demonstrates, we have long history of supporting innovative forms of artistic expression."

Saturday, October 6, 2007

View Looking Up (taken while balancing*)

The Gift of the 'Scoot'!

As I have fewer and fewer opportunities to perform and to scoot, (schedule and location the primary reasons), it becomes clear just what a gift it all has been, mostly in terms of my mind and spirit, a purification, a cleansing bath of innocence and purity, with every smile of a child, every gesture of approval and recognition, every sense of notice and involvement with a stranger, and blessing of the crowd, even from each cop ‘on the beat’ delivers a gentle and up-lifting push. It has become a unique and wonderful event of purity, transforming me and my world. My concern is that I lose that glow. I worry that as I am less available to exercise the ‘scoot’ I might let go of its transformative power, and return to a previous weight, a previous mind-set, and previous unhealthy habits of body and mind. It will now require more mental and physical self-discipline where before it came of its own. I only had to ‘ride’ and I was in that heavenly zone. Now, it seems I’ll need to work to preserve that state, and discipline myself to maintain what came so easily before.

As is my practice, looking up, with the Scooter balanced on my chin, I’m caught in the instant, the present moment, of peace and tranquility now. “Ah, Serenity” I sigh. I no longer strain to achieve this balance but it now comes effortlessly, almost of its own energy, and I can truly relax as I look heavenward. I’m in my Center, and my Center is in me. There is nothing else. It’s all of one single moment of peace.

As I’d recounted to one of the passersby who’d asked me about Zen, I acknowledged that it is the experience of the ‘singularity of our existence, both individual and collective.....the Point.....the Singularity, the Center,....


the Cosmos!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

AltWheels festival a mixed occasion but generally worth the visit.

Enjoyed meeting all the good people who believe in alternative transportation and green options and who were willing to spend not just a few hours, like I did, but a few days of work and preparation for the event. Greetings especially to Hilary, Ron, Brogan, and all the good volunteers.

My suggestions, however, include, 1) a better location so that more people can access the booths and exhibits, and so that maybe there might be a demonstration plaza/space, or arena for riding, a better surface area, with pavement and not brick (so that WindScooter might show his stuff!)
2)more ‘focal’ events to draw the crowd into one or more shared experiences.

just suggestions.
but enjoyed it all the same.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

great evening sails

The last few evenings have seen strong breezes, and with my WindScooter alit for night-time sailing, there were some fantastic rides.

Greetings went out to the CityYear crowd who had gathered for a ceremony at Trinity Church. Also, fine music, 60’s folk and acoustic, was heard by Coco & Lafe. Thanks for the tunes.

This weekend, Scooterdude will be making appearances at the AltWheels festival at City Hall Plaza, and at the Beantown Jazz Festival. See you all there!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rev. Scooterdude's First Sermon

A Fine Day for Dudeism

The Ceremonial Procession of ‘Dude-ication’ wound around the Square, to the Processional music of Mickey Hart - A Suitable Fanfare’.
P. Brooks officiated and blessed the new can-dude-ates. His Convocation, “Dude-ism in the Nineteenth Century!” inspired us all, and gave us renewed vision as to how big a ‘little town’ can truly be.
There were also addresses by Patty and Maria with a more political tone, “What Do You Think About the War?” It was a moment for some serious reflection, and then respectful acknowledgment.
But, finally, there was a joyous display of ‘Wings of Inspiration’ Scooter-Sailing to close the celebrations.

On the Esplanade, there’s fine cookin’, both of the eatin’ and the guitarin’ kinds, a real gala atmosphere. And, for two days!

(Hope y’all sit and groove with the music, or git up and move-your-Groove!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rev. Scooterdude

I am pleased to announce that today I was ordained into the Church of Dudeism ( and I am now officially a Dudeist priest. I'm grateful to all
who supported me in this long process, through aspirancy, postulancy, and finally ordination. I hope I can serve you all to the best I am able and can continue my work, service, and ministry to the advancement and benefit of global peace, prosperity, and benevolent Dudeism.

Night Ride

With the sunset ever earlier, I must make my scoot-ride more in the twilight.
But, no problem.
This is when I get to ‘light up’ the scooter. I placed the three bicycle-lights on the mast and I was ready for
the night-ride!
(Soon, K2-scoot will be fully decked out in lights and colors starting with Halloween and running to the First Night Parade on New Year’s Eve)

Many thanks to John and Coni for their good words for Scooterdude. It was great seeing you guys and thanks for your welcome advice.
Hey, Peter,
keep up the good ride on your scooter, and practice that balancing too!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Lively and Eventful Weekend

Scooterdude attended a wonderful wedding on Saturday and enjoyed seeing old friends as well as making new ones. "Hi!" goes out to Brendan! Kathleen, Susan, Kim, Bernadette, Barbara and so many others, but especially to Claudia and Steven! Congratulations!
A great time.

Then, on Sunday, Scooterdude was glad to join everyone who walked for the Jimmy Fund. Huge red and blue balloons floated above the plaza, as great music echoed across the streets. Busloads of smiling faces, though perhaps worn and fatigued, lined Stuart and Kneeland and Boylston Streets. All the kids, all the families, all the participants contributed not only to a great cause but to a spirit of community and neighborhood strength and support! My helmet is off in respect and honor to you guys! You're awesome!

I hope you all collected a worthwhile amount for the research and the care and that you enjoyed my antics and wind-frolic in support of your effort!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Activity in the Square

Although it’s a wet day for it all, there are several events and activities occurring in the Square today.
Check ‘em out:

The Boston Globe Children’s Book Festival:

And, also for all us kids, at the Boston Public Library: Curious George Day

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Beautiful Sunset 'Sail'

Although there was only a moderate wind (between 5 and 15 mph), Scooterdude enjoyed a smooth glide.
Thanks to a few errands that required his attention after work, he found himself in his favorite territory and among his favorite people.
What a beautiful space by the Christian Science Center, the open reflecting pool and circle-fountain! Every smile from a stranger, a child in a stroller, or a group of tourists passing by, is an especially potent elixir for this world-weary scooter-wanderer. Each glance and giggle is a suitable and welcome tip-payment for the performance.
Thanks, all of you!
Thanks, my friends!

As some of you are already aware, Scooterdude begins every scooter-engagement with a dedication at the Phillips Brooks monument, a quiet moment of reflection, self-collection, and respect. But furthermore, this
moment of devotion inevitably continues into the ‘ride’, where it is translated into an exercise in physical-spirtuality. This is to say, his moment of meditation becomes the very practice of the scooting. It all becomes something so wonderfully transcendent for him. Art and Spiritual Practice have become the regimen developed from out of this simple and creative sport.

He thinks to himself, “I know what this is, this Practice. It’s ‘Hyper-Prayer’!”

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Windy city

from the 2007 Archives

Boston Marathon 2007

yes, he was out there, in the cold wind and rain! Scooterdude shared the great event, and even caught the laughter of some exhausted runners.
Best of all were the families, as one youngster came up with a term that'll stick...
"Hey! Look at that! Look, a Wind-Scooter!"

I shouted back, "That's great. Can I use that? That's perfect! 'Wind-Scooter'!"

"Sure" he said.

So, on this date, in Boston, during the close of the Boston Marathon 2007, the term, 'Wind-Scooter' acquired new meaning and an innovation.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Spectacular Evening for Sailing

While film-crews were setting up, lighting over the streets near Park Sq., and IFC and the Comcast people were supplying a wonderful night under the stars for the community to watch on the big out-door screen ‘Napoleon Dynamite’, Scooterdude breezed out and about, up and down the streets, wind-sweeping, scooter-racing,...
“Hey Hey! Hiya!” he waved to the smiling officers!

some notes of appreciation

special thanks go to:
- Big Daddy Hot Dogs( I always appreciate seeing Doug at the fountain, and
adding to the festive atmosphere. Be sure to stop by and say, “Hi!” and have some good snack!
-to Dave and Helen at their market-stand, always a happy greeting ( and great soaps and herbal items)
-to Jim, at Hill, Holliday. What a wonderful gift of pictures and memories! It always touches me that people can be so creative in their generous gestures!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Change in the Air

Alas, the changes!

I've been assigned a new employment location (yes, I have a day job).
This means for the near future that my appearances in the Square will be limited
to evenings when possible (preferably windy!) and weekends.

I'm hoping to maintain contact, whether on-line or occasional visits, with all of you my friends. Please keep in touch.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stay in touch, my friends!

As his job may carry him away from the Square, SD is still planning to make appearances on some evenings and weekends. Watch for him!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mirror blog from scooterdudeofcopley

For those of you who may have been searching, I've made another attempt here at a blog.
Thanks for your interest and patience.