Sunday, July 26, 2015

After several months away from the Square, it was the Boston Summer Arts Weekend which attracted the Rev. Scooterdude back for more wind-scootering.

While the wind velocity was only marginally sufficient to provide for the sport, the presence of so many kinds of people made the riding worth while.

It's always the smiles on the faces of the people which gives a wonderful thrill to the day.

The music had us all moving. Everyone, kids, tourists from everywhere, duck tours, plain-clothes cops, open-air diners, and off-season students all had a good time.

He was especially inspired to perform during the Blue Man Group Drum-Off. Isn't always a drum solo which provides the best soundtrack for acrobatics and stunts.

He can't resist having his picture taken as well. It saves having to carry a Go-pro or selfie-stick. Besides, it's a good way to know if he's doing something right or something wrong (as happened when he took a spill prominently in front of the Boston Public Library.)

Nice to meet a couple from Ohio. I guess they are the 'Toledos' LOL. He mentioned that he was involved in children's literature. "Hey," Scooterdude offered, " if you write about me, just mention that I love to ride the wind! hahaha!"

"And, yes, your welcome to use the material here for a children's book with some illustrations of Rev. Scooterdude riding the wind."

Friday, October 11, 2013

Scooterdude on Morning Awesomeness/TheChive

Never know where he'll turn up

Thanks to "Bob"! at TheChive

Next Steps for Wind-Scooter Invention

I'm taking more formal steps to see where the Wind-Scooter may take us next. It's exciting to discover new areas of growth for me and my invention. I'll keep you posted in days ahead.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Street Pianos | Copley Square

Street Pianos | Copley Square

Yes, Scooterdude likes to bang on the ol keys once in a while....Hope to see you there!