Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Beautiful Sunset 'Sail'

Although there was only a moderate wind (between 5 and 15 mph), Scooterdude enjoyed a smooth glide.
Thanks to a few errands that required his attention after work, he found himself in his favorite territory and among his favorite people.
What a beautiful space by the Christian Science Center, the open reflecting pool and circle-fountain! Every smile from a stranger, a child in a stroller, or a group of tourists passing by, is an especially potent elixir for this world-weary scooter-wanderer. Each glance and giggle is a suitable and welcome tip-payment for the performance.
Thanks, all of you!
Thanks, my friends!

As some of you are already aware, Scooterdude begins every scooter-engagement with a dedication at the Phillips Brooks monument, a quiet moment of reflection, self-collection, and respect. But furthermore, this
moment of devotion inevitably continues into the ‘ride’, where it is translated into an exercise in physical-spirtuality. This is to say, his moment of meditation becomes the very practice of the scooting. It all becomes something so wonderfully transcendent for him. Art and Spiritual Practice have become the regimen developed from out of this simple and creative sport.

He thinks to himself, “I know what this is, this Practice. It’s ‘Hyper-Prayer’!”

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