Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Fine Day for Dudeism

The Ceremonial Procession of ‘Dude-ication’ wound around the Square, to the Processional music of Mickey Hart - A Suitable Fanfare’.
P. Brooks officiated and blessed the new can-dude-ates. His Convocation, “Dude-ism in the Nineteenth Century!” inspired us all, and gave us renewed vision as to how big a ‘little town’ can truly be.
There were also addresses by Patty and Maria with a more political tone, “What Do You Think About the War?” It was a moment for some serious reflection, and then respectful acknowledgment.
But, finally, there was a joyous display of ‘Wings of Inspiration’ Scooter-Sailing to close the celebrations.

On the Esplanade, there’s fine cookin’, both of the eatin’ and the guitarin’ kinds, a real gala atmosphere. And, for two days!

(Hope y’all sit and groove with the music, or git up and move-your-Groove!)

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