Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Gift of the 'Scoot'!

As I have fewer and fewer opportunities to perform and to scoot, (schedule and location the primary reasons), it becomes clear just what a gift it all has been, mostly in terms of my mind and spirit, a purification, a cleansing bath of innocence and purity, with every smile of a child, every gesture of approval and recognition, every sense of notice and involvement with a stranger, and blessing of the crowd, even from each cop ‘on the beat’ delivers a gentle and up-lifting push. It has become a unique and wonderful event of purity, transforming me and my world. My concern is that I lose that glow. I worry that as I am less available to exercise the ‘scoot’ I might let go of its transformative power, and return to a previous weight, a previous mind-set, and previous unhealthy habits of body and mind. It will now require more mental and physical self-discipline where before it came of its own. I only had to ‘ride’ and I was in that heavenly zone. Now, it seems I’ll need to work to preserve that state, and discipline myself to maintain what came so easily before.

As is my practice, looking up, with the Scooter balanced on my chin, I’m caught in the instant, the present moment, of peace and tranquility now. “Ah, Serenity” I sigh. I no longer strain to achieve this balance but it now comes effortlessly, almost of its own energy, and I can truly relax as I look heavenward. I’m in my Center, and my Center is in me. There is nothing else. It’s all of one single moment of peace.

As I’d recounted to one of the passersby who’d asked me about Zen, I acknowledged that it is the experience of the ‘singularity of our existence, both individual and collective.....the Point.....the Singularity, the Center,....


the Cosmos!

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