Sunday, October 7, 2007

Special Installation at Trinity Church

This seems a worthwhile event at this sacred space in the middle of Boston's Back Bay.
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mobius presents
The Human Cost of War
by Joanne Rice
of the Mobius Artists Group
Daily at Noon, Starting October 7
Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston

Joanne Rice of Mobius Artists Group
Starting Sunday, October 7 at noon and designed to continue for two years
Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston

Joanne will bring 100 small stones to a site by Trinity Church, Boston on a daily basis at noon, starting Sunday, October 7, and designed to continue for two years. The stones will ideally accumulate at the site and eventually number over 70,000 if the site goes undisturbed. Joanne Rice asks "What is the human cost of war? I hear the numbers and think: my brother, my sister, my mother, my father . . . The action remembers the daily toll of war." The site is on a grassy area at the corner of Boylston and Clarendon Streets by the Trinity Church sign.

From Trinity Church: "To be the host for this art action was a natural choice for Trinity Church. As a parish, we pray for peace for all people. And as our landmark building demonstrates, we have long history of supporting innovative forms of artistic expression."

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