Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rev. Scooterdude Breaks Through the Space-Time Barrier!

I recall now, that, on Sunday at the Frog Pond, I was performing and during one combination of movements I suddenly felt as though my movement had become collected and frozen. I felt as though even while moving gracefully in gesture and articulation, I’d become like a statue. I’d become one form. The K2 had also been encorporated into the sculpture. It was the most remarkable experience of time and space that I’ve so far achieved. It was a view into another dimension I believe. It’s conjecture of course, but still, the memory of it in a visceral as well as contemplated way remains perplexing and intriguing. I could almost sketch the figure I’d carved out, like the continuous-image photograph. This must be a truer sense of reality, where past, present, and future merge, where there is no “time” and space is completely filled with all things at all times.

Ah yes, the Single-String!..... Experienced!

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