Sunday, December 9, 2007

Scooterdude as Artist/Philosopher - Video Portfolio

A video-portfolio of my mandala art-work, my hand-crafting of the frames, and my concept of the frame as a window beyond itself, the liberation from spatial constraints.

Like the points of a compass, the four-parts may possess their own dimensionality. Maybe, as a casual conclusion, there's the 'illumination' at the end of the presentation. But, each mandala, as is true of every circle, is complete in itself and needs nothing else.

Meditating on the Circle is a primary vocation for the spiritually-oriented. There's no way to get around it. One must travel through the Circle, like a tunnel. As a Circle of Life, we can speak of a Tunnel of Life through which we must pass, con-joined beyond Time or Space with and in the Single-String.

There are references and further resources available and obtainable.

As a picture-framer craftsman, I've been keenly aware of the horizontal/vertical constraints on our experience and imaginations. Here are circles within circles. Here are my visual renderings, attempts to reach out and beyond our 'categories', beyond the constraints. The mandala-artist is yearning to relate to the Whole, yearning to comprehend the Center, deeply craving to grasp the Single-String connecting it all, the entirety of Reality Itself.

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Sue O'Kieffe said...

i am also a creator of mandalas and am sitting in a space of awe after watching your first vid and reading your words. so often with this practice i am left without words. i don't try often to say this is what it is or this is what i do or this is what it means. i admire those who can put words to their creations though and even more so to the animation. thanks for sharing. hope you will come visit.
~sue o'kieffe