Monday, December 29, 2008

Rough Sailing!

Drama on the 'High Seas'!

An unusually late ride, but I had to go!

There’d been wind all day and I certainly missed the day’s opportunity. But, the greatest blast of wind came suddenly in my evening ‘sail’. At one point, I had just left the skateboarders around the Boylston St. corner and was just approaching the Tower. All of a sudden, there came a powerful set of tsunami-waves. At that same instant, loud sirens echoed across buildings as the Boston Fire Department sped past me. They were screaming and honking.

The physical pressure of the strong winds combined with the visual of red lights flashing and the audio of the horns made for the perfect effect that everything had been choreographed and timed. I wasn’t prepared for all of it at once nor could I seize the chance at what might have been the greatest ‘surf’ yet!

I was only able to grab hold of the wind-scooter and hold on tight so we both wouldn’t be toppled over and capsize.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scooterdude's High-Energy Dynamic Dynamite Chili

(or ground beef)
dark kidney beans
korma sauce (packaged variation of a curry sauce from grocer)
red onions
cup of chicken broth/stock
dried cranberries
almonds or cashews
tablespoon or two of fine-ground coffee
pepper(s): ground black, chopped bell, jalapeno, whatever...!

Vary amounts according to taste.

Start with the stuff that takes longer to cook, like meat and beans, and cook in a pot over high flame till well cooked, stirring frequently.

Add vegetables and nuts, and coffee and peppers, in other words, everything else and keep stirring.

Serve in a nice big bowl, hot and steaming! Great over rice or pasta or noodles!

Enjoy! and then go out into the cold to challenge the Winter storm's winds with your scooter powered and fired up!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Season 'change'

With the grassy area of the Square still fenced off, the holiday Tree has been relocated to the smaller space immediately in front of the fountain. Lights have yet to be attached.
Despite the colder and wetter weather, the activity around the plaza has continued to be brisk, and the Scooterdude has managed to catch a few ‘waves’ around the Hancock Tower and down Stuart St.

Holiday Greetings go out to all my friends, old and new, such as Officer Dan, Trevor from Melbourne Australia, and Rick from Texas. Enjoyed mugging for the kids with their cameras near the T-stop.

Hope to make an appearance, if not ‘perform’, at First Nite. Will keep y’all posted.

In the meantime, let’s hope the construction in the various corners of the Square is soon completed. (The vapors and fumes have been unavoidable and unpleasant, especially for those of us who exercise or spend more than just a quick passing through the area!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Now, as the Winter approaches, I feel that I can begin to work on some real skills!
As I told the market-tender who was out late selling some great fresh local produce (and there’s only a couple more weeks of the Copley Square market!)
“I’m just getting started.”
Or, as I told a group of skateboarders, “It’s the Winter that really proves this sport! I’m out here in January, February and March, when the ice and snow fill in the cracks and cover the rough bumps and the wind is fierce and ferocious and I get the best rides ever! Look for me then!”

And, to the Peace Vigil group, friendly and loyal to their cause, I offered, “I’m just a moving Christmas Tree with all these lights.” We all laugh and continue our respective witness to the Truth.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I tell skateboarders that they can sail and use the wind if they modify their clothing!


catch this!!!

.... a slow-motion variation on skydiving

A flock of wingsuiters (above) led by Jeff Nebelkopf journey back to earth after leaping out of a plane in Pepperell (below, right). (scotty burns/ (above); wiqan ang for the boston globe)

A Later Evening Encounter

I was pausing in my late ride beside the church, when a woman who was dressed warmly in a long coat with a white scarf encircling her eye-glasses and soft black face smiled at me.

“What is that you’re doing?” she asked me.

I explained about my scooter-sailing.

“Do you have a home? Do you need a place to stay?”

(It took me a while but “Oh my god,” I thought. “She thinks I’m homeless.”)

“Oh, that’s okay. I have a home.”

“Do you want something to eat. I have a sandwich. Maybe you’d like a sandwich.” she pointed to her bag.

“Oh, no thanks. I’m okay. But, you are so kind to ask me and to offer me. God bless you, my sister.” I smiled and went on.

I watched from a distance, but she proceeded to pass through the church’s colonnade where the homeless people were starting to bed themselves for the night, with several blankets and their belongings around them. She stopped at each one and bent down to speak and listen.

There, in the soft light surrounded by the darkened plaza, this angel of compassion was seeking out the poorest of the poor, the one most in need.

Through this tunnel of arches she continued to pass from one to another.

The carved saints along the upper facade of the church were lit, revealing their watchful gaze on everything below.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Music by Ned Landin

Meeting / Hearing Ned Landin

Enjoyed the sidewalk music and excellent performance by Ned. You can hear him
live at the corner of Dartmouth and Boylston sometime, or go to:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celebrating the Greenway

The Opening of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the new parkland curving around Boston’s waterfront where the Central Artery used to shadow, was celebrated with families, performance, booths with green gifts and music. children, pets, and,.....

a wind-scooter-guy, wearing both the Charles River Skatepark T-shirt and a “Powered by Wind” over-shirt.

Glad to meet so many new friends, and to enjoy the city’s vitality in a fresh, new and perfectly open urban space.

I’ll be enjoying this space in new ways and carry the spirit of the Scooter-glide of Copley Square here as well.

See you all there again.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jet Man & Our Dreams

Loved seeing you all this week. And great to say "Hi" to Kingsford. We had a good time talking about great things in the city!

And thrilled about this guy, with wings and jets and our dreams to lift him up!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tokyo News crew captures Scooterdude in action

Perfect weather, gusty winds, to catch the scooter-sailing on video and carry the images off to Japan. The link will be posted as soon as the footage is online. Great to meet Ayumi Nakagawa of Temjin Co. Ltd. and her smiling cameramen and sound people. Scooterdude never turns down an opportunity to show off!

“Arigato, my new friends!“

It was the time of day or week, but it seemed more than coincidental to see my good friend, Lois, there, and then another old friend, Mark and his brother Frank, and son David. ”Scooteduuuudddee!“ I heard the call. ”Scooooootttteeerduuuuudde!!!!!“ So, of course, there he goes. It’s his cue. Up, on the chin, goes the scooter in that display of serenity and balance.

When there’s a strong wind, more and more people ‘get it’ and see just what magnificent moves the wind-scooter is capable of and what it can do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Midnight Ride

Saturday night was good for the sail, and I was able to catch the evening’s gusts.
Not too much traffic, nor too many people in the Square, but the strong gusts kept me going late.

Lit up like it is in the middle of Winter, the K2 raced around the church and back towards the Tower.

I found it strange that there were more than the usual number of detractors and disbelievers, the ones who only have comments like, “Try getting a better sail! Ha!” or, “As if that’s going to work, you idiot! You suck!”

I have a hard time understanding people who can so freely and readily speak out of ignorance. Why can’t these few insecure and fear-driven people even consider that, after all these years I’ve been succeeding in this and found it a perfect delight and joy, that any objection or problem they may suggest I’ve already dealt with and moved on?

Still, there are so many more who smile, and wave, and exclaim with me, “Go! Wind-POWER!!!”

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Best Day for Scoot-Sailing

Yesterday, Sunday, was the best day I’ve ever had for sailing. The wind was steady, and then gusty (which caused some damage to the k2 as I had to let it ‘fly’ and hit the pavement!), and the rides came one after the other. There were double-rides, which is uncommon. Usually, it’s enough to have one ride per gust, and the direction and route would be so limited. But the wind curled around the buildings causing an unusual ‘circuit’, and my speed was increased likewise. The traffic was relatively light, and generally I was left alone. The weather was warm, but not hot or humid. In fact, I was generally very comfortable. I think I’ll remember this day. The people for the most part enjoyed watching how I’d manage to catch and ride the wind. It was a smooth sail down Boylston.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Caught by the Wind

Wind Power!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greetings from Alberta Canada

Or, glad to enjoy the visit of the Canada Tourist Bureau...LOL

Pictures by Zedda, Paris France 5.23.08

Great Waves; Great People!

It’s been a fantaxtic week for the ‘Scoot’!
Keep meeting wonderful people from everywhere in the Square, all ages and types and faces....

Greetings go to Yuliana and Xavier from FanagleABagel (where the Scoot always gets a great refreshment of drink and bagel and chips...”You guyz are my ‘Spa’, like the Ski-Lodge at the top of a mountain,...LOL!”

To Dave and wishing Helen a good recovery. They offer great local produce at the Market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

To Terry, loved talkin and seeing your scooter.

To Jacqueline, I hope I explained enough about why the Scoot....whazzup...I know you understand now...

And, from last week, great thanks, Merci beaucoup a Zedda, and the Zedda News crew who were here in Boston from Paris, France. These pictures are great!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Windjammer Overture

Exceptional Weather, WindJammer!

The winds have been perfect for the ‘WindJammer’. As the bright sunlight passes between the fast-floating patches of white between the towers, he races through the corners and over the curbs. “Thumbs Up!” are quickly caught in car windows passing. Smiles and laughter are in the streets! LOL! “He’s doin’ his Thing! This is the way!”

Greetings to Chris, on his skates.... to Scott from California! to his family and their joy in wind-sports too! to ‘Scoffel’ the itinerant musician-bear looking for a corner-gig!

Oh, and ‘Hi!’ to Dave and Lira (sp?) from South Carolina who laughed to see Scooterdude and his wacky sail. Pictures were taken and we was all hand-a-shaken! LOL

Even a police-cruiser stopped with blinking lights, not to stop WindJammer-Scooterman, but to assist and escort him down the street! Thanks! Its so much appreciated, the help and assistance and understanding of the Boston Police as WindJammer tests his vehicle and wind-power innovation. Boston persistently proves a sense of the creative imagination and the tradition of innovation and free-spirit!

Yellow-buses,...schools of the kids passed by, stopped and little eyes from the windows spied this crazy guy with a sail on his scooter, and you’ll never guess what he did next,.....”He put it up and balanced it on his chin! What a crazy cool cat!”

Faces of smiles, lots, suddenly appeared pressed against the windows. The light turned green again and off they went laughing and cheering!

“Off, WindJammer! I say!” and it’s another gust down this way and that!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Cameo Appearance "Happy 80th Fred & Fran"

Tradition of Dissent in Boston continues

A Lively Action in the Square - Smiling Faces

Beautiful again, with sunshine and lots of smiling faces! I mean LOTS OF SMILING FACES!

No, I mean LOTS OF SMILING FACES as in Guy Fawkes masks LOL!
Scooterdude in his residence-stage in front of Trinity Church is always caught up in some kind of lively activity of one kind or another. If it's not the Market, it's the Tuesday vigil against the War in Iraq. If not another demonstration, it might be Critical Mass. This time it was the action-event by Anonymous. Great music and the spirit of freedom and dissent. One couple asked me about it. All I could say is read their material, go on-line, and that this was certainly the tradition of dissent in Boston expressed again.

When it quieted down, Scooterdude was left again to be whisked away on the currents of wind, to drift according to the more meteorological winds of change.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Copley Square Life

Spring in the Square is wonderful.

- Big Daddy Hot Dogs( I always appreciate seeing Doug at the fountain, and
adding to the festive atmosphere. Be sure to stop by and say, “Hi!” and have some good snack!
-to Dave and Helen at their market-stand, always a happy greeting ( and great soaps and herbal items)
-to Jim, at Hill, Holliday. What a wonderful gift of pictures and memories! It always touches me that people can be so creative in their generous gestures!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


“Hey, you’re ‘Windjammer’! You’re jammin’ with the wind!” one of my friends called out to me. “I’m going to call you ‘Windjammer from now on.....HA!” he laughed.

Sounds good to me.

Again, Wind howled outside my window all night demanding that I come out and meet to engage in our skill-contest.
As usual, I have these other things going on. “I can’t. I must go to my job.” But Wind wouldn’t accept the decline to his challenge. The duel is set for another day.

Scooterdude must compose and ready himself.

Monday, February 18, 2008

caught again Scooter-Sailing!

wonderful meetings

Each encounter with someone on Scooter makes me joyful.

Yet, as I was preparing to leave the Frog Pond, an elderly woman walking with a cane near my bike as I stopped to greet her, stopped and looked me in the eye. In a Russian accent, she blessed me saying, all kinds of blessings about friends, family, wealth, and happiness, and most of all, “most of all, your health!” she uttered with some tearing in her eyes from the cold wind. As we parted, I left her with my trick of balancing. The sun was shining behind her. Even then I was thinking that it had been an encounter with an angel.

From the Trolley Tour came the ringing of the bells, and the driver shouted, “Ride the Wind! RIDE THE WIND!”

Happy thumbs-up from visitors to the Square!

A great ride on Boylston St. as the wind was perfect. The ‘Surf’ was up and PERFECT!