Monday, February 18, 2008

caught again Scooter-Sailing!

wonderful meetings

Each encounter with someone on Scooter makes me joyful.

Yet, as I was preparing to leave the Frog Pond, an elderly woman walking with a cane near my bike as I stopped to greet her, stopped and looked me in the eye. In a Russian accent, she blessed me saying, all kinds of blessings about friends, family, wealth, and happiness, and most of all, “most of all, your health!” she uttered with some tearing in her eyes from the cold wind. As we parted, I left her with my trick of balancing. The sun was shining behind her. Even then I was thinking that it had been an encounter with an angel.

From the Trolley Tour came the ringing of the bells, and the driver shouted, “Ride the Wind! RIDE THE WIND!”

Happy thumbs-up from visitors to the Square!

A great ride on Boylston St. as the wind was perfect. The ‘Surf’ was up and PERFECT!