Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Lively Action in the Square - Smiling Faces

Beautiful again, with sunshine and lots of smiling faces! I mean LOTS OF SMILING FACES!

No, I mean LOTS OF SMILING FACES as in Guy Fawkes masks LOL!
Scooterdude in his residence-stage in front of Trinity Church is always caught up in some kind of lively activity of one kind or another. If it's not the Market, it's the Tuesday vigil against the War in Iraq. If not another demonstration, it might be Critical Mass. This time it was the action-event by Anonymous. Great music and the spirit of freedom and dissent. One couple asked me about it. All I could say is read their material, go on-line, and that this was certainly the tradition of dissent in Boston expressed again.

When it quieted down, Scooterdude was left again to be whisked away on the currents of wind, to drift according to the more meteorological winds of change.

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