Monday, July 14, 2008

The Best Day for Scoot-Sailing

Yesterday, Sunday, was the best day I’ve ever had for sailing. The wind was steady, and then gusty (which caused some damage to the k2 as I had to let it ‘fly’ and hit the pavement!), and the rides came one after the other. There were double-rides, which is uncommon. Usually, it’s enough to have one ride per gust, and the direction and route would be so limited. But the wind curled around the buildings causing an unusual ‘circuit’, and my speed was increased likewise. The traffic was relatively light, and generally I was left alone. The weather was warm, but not hot or humid. In fact, I was generally very comfortable. I think I’ll remember this day. The people for the most part enjoyed watching how I’d manage to catch and ride the wind. It was a smooth sail down Boylston.

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