Sunday, December 14, 2008

(or ground beef)
dark kidney beans
korma sauce (packaged variation of a curry sauce from grocer)
red onions
cup of chicken broth/stock
dried cranberries
almonds or cashews
tablespoon or two of fine-ground coffee
pepper(s): ground black, chopped bell, jalapeno, whatever...!

Vary amounts according to taste.

Start with the stuff that takes longer to cook, like meat and beans, and cook in a pot over high flame till well cooked, stirring frequently.

Add vegetables and nuts, and coffee and peppers, in other words, everything else and keep stirring.

Serve in a nice big bowl, hot and steaming! Great over rice or pasta or noodles!

Enjoy! and then go out into the cold to challenge the Winter storm's winds with your scooter powered and fired up!!!!

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