Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Severe Conditions - Winds and Bitter Cold

Testing my skills, not only of managing the craft but of withstanding the wind-chill (must have been well below -10’) and the greatest of challenges to my endurance and stamina.

Staying warm (or at least avoiding frost-bite) was a priority.
It should be noted here that a secondary invention was extremely useful in keeping my nose and the rest of my
exposed face from the bitter cold. I’ve discovered that the plastic sail provides an excellent temporary solar-warmed, wind-protective ‘tent’ as I headed back into the wind for my next gust-ride. It causes me to wonder why something of this sort is not devised for people subjected to Arctic conditions, whether on mountain summits or enduring polar climates. This kind of plastic ‘Bubble’ proved extremely useful and a great relief from the steady punches of frigid gusts.

As for the sport, the multiple layers of clothing made for a difficult manipulation of the sail.
Protective goggles made for limited visibility. I was aching for that warm condition when all I had to worry about were my elbow and wrist guards and helmet.

But, it all was so worthwhile!
Again, the character of
Scootering-sailing as a Winter sport was proven. I demonstrated this with a wonderful freedom. The sheer joy of some of the best rides I’ve ever experienced made for a memorable day of this unique sport of mine.

Of course, the people who passed by, bundled up clutching their scarf-covered faces bent over to try and push through the formidable force against them, gave a quick glance. I could discern underneath all of their covering a grin or two.

The people who might consider my sport to be utter foolishness I try to leave alone.
But, to the others, who give me a thumbs-up or a shout-out “Genius!” I let out a hearty laugh and try to share the tremendous thrill and wonder which I’m so privileged to enjoy.

Finally, it was great to meet my niece out there unexpectedly. It was only to her that I freely admitted the craziness of my urban-surfing, observing that it was like skiing atop Mt. Loon!. LOL

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health - Always Your Best New Year's Resolution

I highly recommend the Dr. Weil Integrative Health Program and community, for support, advice, and 'regular check-ups'. His daily and weekly tips are regular reminders of a positive attitude for maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Balance - Simplicity of Form - Body Practice

Small Craft Advisory

Severe Conditions Yet Irresistibly Challenging!

Partly Cloudy / Wind
Partly Cloudy / Wind         High
25° FPartly Cloudy / Wind
Partly Cloudy / Wind         High
25° F

UV Index:                  0 Low
Wind:                 From WNW at 24 mph
gusting to 36 mph
Humidity:                 43%
Pressure:                 29.57 in.
Dew Point:                 8°F
Visibility:                 10.0 miles

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Surf's Up!!

Okay, Serious Sport Today!!!

Get your cameras ready....
This is the kind of serious day of Wind-Scootering I’m anxious for.
The kind of wind-velocity and, although streets are wet still, conditions may improve for excellent Urban-Surfing...
like huge swells!

This is the kind of day to really test my skills!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flotsam Feast

Thanksgiving Dinner 'washed up' on Carson Beach

I usually don’t post these sorts of things on Scooterdude’s blog, but I had to mention that, while I was walking my lil’ Scooterdude, I came upon an entire Thanksgiving Dinner on the sand of Carson Beach this afternoon. I first spied a lump of orange-red on the beach and as I came closer it was discovered to be an entire turkey, cooked and all, on the sand. And then, as I walked further around, I realized the whole area was littered with fruits, unopened cans, some fresh corn on the cob, and even some chips and appetizers....! If I didn’t find it so disturbing that some one would carelessly dispose of perfectly good food in this manner, it might have been actually comical. I couldn’t help but feel, however, the actual tragic nature of this ‘flotsam feast’.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking (Wiki)

Learning about 'hiking' en fuite here

Wind-Scooter Hiking-Stick

Latest Innovation for the Wind-Scooter - The Hiking Stick

Thanks to Hector, who suggested this while ringing the bell at the corner of Dartmouth and St. James across from the Boston Public Library and who happened to discover a pole nearby for me to use, the design for sailing has been improved with a spinnaker-boom or Hiking Stick to manage the sail. It’s great. The only problem is transporting it on my bike with the wind-scooter. It ought to be much longer and as a consequence really extends far beyond the rear-end of my bicycle. I might need to attach a red flag as I pass through automobile traffic.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Scooters Day

All Scooters Day Boston

"To Scoot" - means to make room for.. the meshing of culture, language and the arts in our environment to bring about positive social change. To be a "scooter" you don't need to have your own set of wheels although it is my preferred means of travel. We are all human powered emotionally driven sapiens with similar yet different angles of vision.

All Scoot Day! Nov. 1

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day of Events

First, the ‘350’ Observance, , and for Scooterdude, the day couldn’t have been better for demonstrating the sport and transportation-option of wind-scootering.

and, the day started with a great gathering,Neighbors for Neighbors, Inc., organized by Joe Porcelli and all the gang at Neighbors for Neighbors, as it connected officially with the City of Boston. ol Scooterdude was glad to meet Mayor Menino and Boston Police Commissioner Davis... Maybe Scooterdude’s idea of a city clean-up with the Skateboarders, “Dues-For-Use”, may actually get off the ground.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Windmills of Your Mind

Blog Action Day 09 - Wind Power!

It's obvious to anyone who knows Scooterdude what we're talkin' bout.

Just use the wind, air-head!

Just use the wind, and find ways to use the wind.

Try using the wind on your skateboards, with a super wind-catching jacket or some such superhero costume.

Try using the wind to get from place to place.

Find uses for the wind that noone else has thought of!
Think of wind. Wind-think.

Ride the Wind!

It's out there. It's free. It's inexhaustible.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is a great way to approach your activities, no matter what you are doing or how you’re occupied. Just add the suffix “-Practice” and you understand a more complete meaning to your acting and doing.

And, I certainly enjoyed a meaningful activity yesterday! The wind, as observed by one of my construction-worker friends at the corner of Clarendon St. and Stuart St., was gusting to at least 27 mph. I caught some of my best ‘waves’ in months and it was a real fine afternoon for the sport. To another biker passing by who was questioning how safe my activity was.
        “Aren’t you taking some big risks?” he asked me.
        I answered, “Of course. It’s like any X-sport or great challenge. It’s like Bungee-Jumping, Surfing, Mountain-climbing, bout risks! Yea, and sometimes these cars morph into sharks in the water! The risks are real, and the skill-level is high, but so is the thrill! And, after more than six years working at this, I’m developing the high-level of mastery required for it. When I catch the right wave,! You can’t believe the feeling!”

However, today again is an exceptionally fine morning for urban-surfing, the ‘surf’s up! and I can’t take the morning off to engage in the sport, but rather, like everyone else, I need to go to my job and work.
So, I’m anxious.
I’m searching for a way....
a way to find acceptance in everyday mundane activity when I’m not out on the waves.
It occurs to me that my ‘work-practice’ might be better understood, however, if I can superimpose the wind-sport onto my daily tasks.

“Yes, the wind is still blowing.
So, let it blow in me. My spirit and my life.....The sheer joy, full and complete, with nothing else expected or required, this is life.
This is Wind.
This is Spirit.
This is Life.




Let my life now become a continual Ride with the wind blowing in and around me, whether or not I’m on the scooter.

Ah, the Ride. Isn’t it great!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning Practice - Scooterdude Way

Spectacular Day

I was again ‘taking in’ the day I had for myself, and when I got out “on the surf” it was a spectacularly beautiful day for the sport. Some serious wind-gusts finally, bright sunshine and wonderful people to meet.

I especially enjoyed seeing some of my favorite ‘regulars’, Bob, Annette, Jimmy, a several groups of tourists and cruise-ship visitors who gave me the thumbs-up and the laughter I so often crave for approval.

But, there was this boy, with his parents on the sidewalk.

His Mom and Dad were ignoring his tears and crying while their attention was, whether deliberately or no, distracted in studying a map of the area.

Seeing this boy in such dejection, this is when I also saw my opportunity.
With the sun brilliantly appearing from behind me, I quickly lifted the K2 up and onto my chin in my display of wonder and joy. I’d hoped he was looking.
And, sure enough, as I brought it down, there, in front of me, not the tearful, sad boy who was there before, but a boy whose face was glowing with a smile so wonderful it was the kind to bring tears to my eyes. I smiled back, and, with his parents still preoccupied, there was this wonderful instant when these two souls could share the moment and encourage one another. “Everything’s going to be all right. You’ll be fine. There’s more to the world than what your parents may be trying to find on a map! Don’t worry. You have a wonderful world to discover on your own, even if you feel abandoned or neglected..... Take heart...It’s all wonderful!” This is what was exchanged silently, but heart-to-heart through the eyes and the bright smile of our faces.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wind-Scooter Makes Another Splash

Recently received this very nice commendation from a fan. I’ve learned that he works with children nearby and will soon be assisting the next generation of ‘Wind-Scooter-Sailors’!
Yes! A real thrill for me and soooo excited to think that there might one day be ‘flocks’ of ‘flying Scooter-Sailors!!!

“Scooter Dude,
A few weeks ago myself and several of my friends met you right outside of Faneuil hall and although they didn’t get very excited, I became very intrigued with you, and your wind-powered board!  So intrigued that I have started construction on my very own board, and with some practice I hope to someday meet you out on the streets.
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say “You rock!” and keep on keepin on!  This world would be dull and bland without people like you willing think differently and live outside the box.  Attached I have a picture that I took of you riding that I thought you might enjoy.  Stay safe, man!

Thanks, Kyle!

ps. See you at the 2nd Annual Urban-Surfing/Wind-Scooter Regatta, March 2010!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Couldn't Ask for Better Conditions!

Sunny, brisk, a cool, steady westerly wind!

Had at least a dozen or so 5-star rides.

Managed to squeeze in some Figure-Scootin maneuvers in the plaza also.

Glad to see David, again, of the Herbal Lyceum. He and Helen still have the same location for their farmers’ market stall.

Robin is looking for work but she’s seems happy enough to hang around the Square too.

Richard is still watching me at a distance.

Duck Tours was doing a brisk business and offered the customary ‘Quack!’ for my performance.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

See you at DudeFest!

‘The Big Lebowski’ spawns its own subculture - The Boston Globe

‘The Big Lebowski’ spawns its own subculture - The Boston Globe

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Winds of Change

Ah yes, the cool breeze signals it!
Finally, the Season is here.
The winds have returned.
I’m better covered by sailing-jacket and protective gear, and the gusts are starting to happen again. I’m probably the only one who really likes the turn to the cold, windy weather!
I’m anticipating a good sailing-season ahead.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Scooterdude-Way and The Practice

In this Practice, it’s discovered in every effort.

Each and every moment is Practice and this is the Teaching.

And, the Reverend Scooterdude is Tutor in the Way.

Has it taken me these six years to embrace this now obvious idea?!

In the Blog-entries ahead, we’ll be reviewing this practice, analyzing the gains and losses, the benefits and insights of this sort of practice.

Performance? Yes, but to us, so much more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Brit, 17, Completes Solo Sail Around The World

Mike Perham, 17, holds flares from his yacht off the coast of Cornwall, England, as he becomes the youngest person to sail solo around the world without assistance on Thursday.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

IFS/Dew Tour/SkateBoston 2009

Great to be out with the skateboarders, and enjoyed the Taking Back Sunday concert.
(Hope that Spencer found his family!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dew Tour 2009 TV Spot - Skate Open Boston | Alli — Alliance of Action Sports ™

ISF / Dew Tour Skate Boston! July 24 & 25

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Banditos Misteriosos - "Team-Name"


Yesterday, participated briefly in the Banditos Misteriosos’ Scavenger Hunt, but I apologize to my team, ‘Team-Name’ for bowing out so early.........

But, I’d noticed something disturbing about my Wind-Scooter.....

I realized there were some fractures in my ‘perm-wheel’. And, suddenly, for all intents and purposes, it exploded while making a sharp turn on it. While I’m so grateful that it occurred in a relatively safe space, I’m distressed that the wheel I though would last forever showed it’s limited lifetime of use. I doubt its four years or so of wear and tear will be matched by any of the other wheels.

Yet, I resolved, in the evening, not to give in to the sad prospect of life without the wind-scooter, and ‘made waves’ to the Square. Great evening, response, and steady winds.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Movement & Music

Last night, having some extra time on his hands, Ol Scooterdude ventured out to the Greenway area and the Quincy Market area:

“I poured myself into my performance. With my new light attached (which I was able to quickly damage! LOL) and the energy of great music in my head, I was able to perform in front of the gatherings by Fanueil Hall and Rowe’s Wharf. I explained my ‘Figure-Scooting’ to some cheering spectators, and offered a demonstration even though they couldn’t hear the music I was listening to on my iPod.
        ‘Well, I wish you could listen to the music and catch the special lighting I’m imaging here!’ I shout out as I race past the seated group.
Sometimes, the passion gets so intense that I forget where I am or who is watching. ‘I’m in an altered state’ I laugh with the silver bar twirling high in the air!

It was especially nice to meet “Jason Argonaut” from the Duck Tours. In our conversation, I related to him how it might have been a kind of “despair” which actually first impelled me on this K2 Scooter-Path. From those first attempts at gliding six years ago, then those initial attempts at wind-drive three years ago till today’s practice of moves and maneuvers, it’s been a compulsive quest. It’s even a spiritual journey into a world of movement, motion, body, mind and spirit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weather for Ducks (Duck Tours, that is!)

This gray, cloudy, and often damp weather may cause some to dismiss this Summer altogether, but for some of us, the Summer is still a wonderful time for outdoors activities.

Take for example, the Duck Tours. They’re outfitted already for the wet weather. I think that even the drivers have webbed-feet!
Just yesterday, Ol Scooterdude met up with Frim Jolly, one of the Skippers of the Duck Tours who took a moment to warn us of a mighty storm approachin’! And, sure enough, Scooterdude looked down at Frim’s sandaled feet which are usually hidden from view while skippering his craft and saw, for a fact, that Frim’s feet are webbed!!!! Scooterdude also noticed some feathers protruding from behind the sleeves of his smock. Of course, this only adds further to the delight and respect Ol’ Scooterdude has for the crew of the Duck Tours.

I think they all perform a great service to the city of Boston and we should all ‘make way’ for ‘em.....
especially during these wet Summer days when we’re all likely to feel quazy and quacky!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Surf's Up and a Special Moment

Although most of the people rushing through the Square were bent down, clutching fast to their shaking umbrellas, against a drenching wind-blown drizzle, and who must have been repeating in their heads, “This is the worst first-day of Summer! Ever!!!”, Ol’ Scooterdude found it to be perhaps one of the best days for Scooter-sailing he had ever the pleasure of enjoying.

Traffic was light, fewer pedestrians around which to navigate, and a strong steady wind, flowing in the unusually accommodating direction of a South-westerly, following with the one-way traffic up St. James St. I estimate that the “waves”, in Wind-Scooter terms, there were 15ft. ‘swells’ and ‘choppy’. To put the rating in perspective, I regard 20 -25ft. swells to be the highest, strongest waves possible to ride on the wind-scooter. (Experience has taught that these are most likely in the rough ‘season’ of February and March!)

But, wind-direction also plays a role. What good are the strongest 25 ft. swells if they are only flowing across buildings and perpendicular to paved areas? Generally speaking, I’ve discovered that there are just about 5 out of 6 directions that are advantageous to wind-scootering, and that of these, 3 are good to go with strong currents of wind, and finally that only 1 is the perfect combination of wind velocity and direction. This was the case yesterday!

So, the rides were fantastic.

I want to add, that, while Ol’ Scooterdude was enjoying these ‘rides’, there emerged from a car parked alongside the Square plaza, a woman, two boys, and then a man battling against the wind and rain with a flag.
They came and stood in the middle of the square, by themselves, with the flag held firmly.
I approached them and asked about the flag and their purpose.
They explained that it was the flag of Iran and that they were there to continue a witness to the ordeal the Iranian people are currently suffering in their homeland.
I couldn’t help but admire their solitary witness, their commitment and resolution that, despite this dismal day of wind and wetness, they came out to stand for their people and for the democratic principles that all of us share.
It was a poignant expression and, for Scooterdude, heartfelt.

In an otherwise joyful thrill of ‘the ride’, here is grief and sober reflection.

(These events have indeed hit Scooterdude hard.)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance for World Community Festival

Ol Scooterdude really enjoyed the all-day cross-cultural dance festival in Cambridge.
Great music and performances, finishing with 'Dancing in the Street'.
Thanks goes out to all who volunteered and shared in the event.

Scooterdude stowed his sails for a while and just enjoyed his 'Figure-Scooting'.
When asked, he mused, "I think I'll consider a more polished performance sometime soon.
I'll be working up a routine and let you know."

We'll be looking for you, ol Scooterdute!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

40 mph Gusts Forecast!

The day promises incredible scooter-sailing. Already, at 7 am the winds are strong and gusting. This will be a serious sport day and will test the best of the skills I’ve gained over these years. My hope is that my current scooter is in reasonable shape for the stresses, and that my own physical condition will be up for the tremendous ‘waves’ ahead.

This’ll be one heck of a day for sailing!

(Report tomorrow, god-willing.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Annual Urban-Surf/WindScooter Regatta 2009!

Opening Ceremony 11:45am Philips Brooks Monument; Prayer

Opening Cannon: 12 Noon

Course: Plaza/Church /Boylston (buoy-marker)/Clarendon/ Stuart(Tower)/Up to Dartmouth(West to North)/ corner marker at Boylston at Dartmouth/Boylston
to Clarendon/final approach to Trinity Place-Finish Line

Timed and Judged

Monday, March 16, 2009

Solar and Wind Together at the St. Patrick's Day Parade Southie '09

A spectacular day for the Green! Truly an honor to be alongside such an inspiring craft as 'Eleanor' and the creative team from MIT. Much thanks and gratitude go out to them, (if I got their names right....):

Simon Calcutt, Electrical Engineering, 2010 George Hansel, Physics, 2012 Alex Mevay, Electrical Engineering, Alum Vinay Ramasesh, Electrical Engineering, 2012 Mike Roberts, Mechanical Engineering/Mathematics, 2011 Cathy Wu, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, 2012

Check out their website and keep track of 'em. They're going places for sure!

MIT Solar Car

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade Tomorrow!

Scooterdude will be joining the South Boston Arts Association in marching as part of the South Boston tradition. The theme is “Green”, in both the Hibernian and Environmental senses of the word! Scooterdude will be demonstrating the advantages of Wind for recreation purposes! LOL but also joining us will also be MIT’s award-winning Solar-Powered car. It’s very exciting to have the “Eleanor” showcased before she leaves for Australia to compete in the Cross-Continent Solar Race
It’s a celebration now that has a global meaning and appeal.
T’ would make the Patron of the Emerald Isle proud indeed!

See you there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beyond Possible!

I’d thought I’d run the best winds last week, but I was wrong!
I’m not sure if I’ve ever raced like this ever before. It would have been the ideal day to run the Regatta-Race coming up. I’m certain now that the last few weeks of February and the month of March promise to be the Season for ‘Urban-Surfing, Wind-Scootering’.

The high-velocity, the steadiness as well as the occasional gusts, provided ideal conditions to develop special new skills of maneuver, a chance at practicing all kinds of movements, and even the unique chance to practice, of all things, ‘slow-glide’ (i.e. without sail, or with sail to manage deceleration and control. My only regret is that video was lacking so I couldn’t observe and critique the behavior and operation performance.

Another Boston Herald photographer was eager to get my photo, but I had to tell him that Tuesday I had already appeared in the paper. LOL! Still, he was interested and said he’d check here in my blog sometime. Not a few people, as well, had seen the picture in the paper and were glad to give a ‘thumbs-up’ again to the Scooter-Sailing-Dude.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Perfect '10' for the Regatta Finals!

The press was out in force for the finals for the First Annual ‘Urban-Surfing’ Scooter-Sailing Regatta next month. The excitement is building!

Appearing in today’s Boston Herald:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starting Line/Map Post!

Preliminary-Elimination Trials Results

February 14, 2009 12 PM

With a record 2:47:34 time, Scooterdude easily qualified for the next round of competition. In a sensational display of expert ‘slicing’, our ‘Dude’ managed to carve the route with ease and mastery. The weather was a perfect ‘10’ for the day’s event and enabled the contestant(s) to maximize skill and creativity in maneuvering. This initial trial will set the model for future events and races. Maps will be posted for the alternative navigations depending on wind-direction and velocity on the day of the event (to be announced by the Commodore’s Committee)

The ‘Urban-Surfing’ Wind-Scooter Sport is a hybrid of it’s sibling wind-sports, namely Sailing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Kite-sailing. This new sport will adopt and share similar Rules and Regulations pertaining to those competitive sports and races.

More details to come!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

(Alternate date to be determined depending on wind/weather conditions. Applicants/competitors will be notified by mail. Advertisers/media will also be notified in advance.)

Wind-Scooter Regatta 09!

First 'Urban-Surfing' Wind-Scooter Regatta Competition announced!

March 21 (weather-permitting)

Copley Square
Start of the Race at Trinity Place Corner

opening 'cannon' 12 noon

A 12-Circuit Race, with 3 stops

Contact HarborMaster, Commodore Rev. Scooterdude for details and
entry forms.

Furious Winds.....The Season for Serious Scooter-Sailing!

The Waterfront-route (which includes Rowe’s Wharf, Fanueil Hall, along State Street and over Beacon Hill then across again to South Station) can hardly match the ‘surf’ of the Copley Sq. area, but it kept me in its loop for the sheer variety of paths and people. It was a sweet taste of what it could be like as I happened upon some DJ music for the Zipcar promotion in Downtown Crossing. Figure-Scooting is second only to Scooter-Sailing when it comes to sheer joy. In that oppressive venue, with dark cavernous hollows cut by hostile store-fronts and lost gazes on people meandering through shadows unsure and distrustful of their surroundings (it’s one of the most violent areas in the city!), I can’t help but feel my presence and performance at least might bring some lightness and childlike release. At least, it appears on the smiles of children, elders, and even the cops on the beat.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Discovered this wonderful picture and had to post it.


Magic Wheel

To Test Out in 09?

Scoot came across this device/vehicle. Wants to check it out this year, maybe.
And, maybe might also be suitable to attach a sail? Yes?