Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beyond Possible!

I’d thought I’d run the best winds last week, but I was wrong!
I’m not sure if I’ve ever raced like this ever before. It would have been the ideal day to run the Regatta-Race coming up. I’m certain now that the last few weeks of February and the month of March promise to be the Season for ‘Urban-Surfing, Wind-Scootering’.

The high-velocity, the steadiness as well as the occasional gusts, provided ideal conditions to develop special new skills of maneuver, a chance at practicing all kinds of movements, and even the unique chance to practice, of all things, ‘slow-glide’ (i.e. without sail, or with sail to manage deceleration and control. My only regret is that video was lacking so I couldn’t observe and critique the behavior and operation performance.

Another Boston Herald photographer was eager to get my photo, but I had to tell him that Tuesday I had already appeared in the paper. LOL! Still, he was interested and said he’d check here in my blog sometime. Not a few people, as well, had seen the picture in the paper and were glad to give a ‘thumbs-up’ again to the Scooter-Sailing-Dude.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Perfect '10' for the Regatta Finals!

The press was out in force for the finals for the First Annual ‘Urban-Surfing’ Scooter-Sailing Regatta next month. The excitement is building!

Appearing in today’s Boston Herald:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starting Line/Map Post!

Preliminary-Elimination Trials Results

February 14, 2009 12 PM

With a record 2:47:34 time, Scooterdude easily qualified for the next round of competition. In a sensational display of expert ‘slicing’, our ‘Dude’ managed to carve the route with ease and mastery. The weather was a perfect ‘10’ for the day’s event and enabled the contestant(s) to maximize skill and creativity in maneuvering. This initial trial will set the model for future events and races. Maps will be posted for the alternative navigations depending on wind-direction and velocity on the day of the event (to be announced by the Commodore’s Committee)

The ‘Urban-Surfing’ Wind-Scooter Sport is a hybrid of it’s sibling wind-sports, namely Sailing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Kite-sailing. This new sport will adopt and share similar Rules and Regulations pertaining to those competitive sports and races.

More details to come!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

(Alternate date to be determined depending on wind/weather conditions. Applicants/competitors will be notified by mail. Advertisers/media will also be notified in advance.)

Wind-Scooter Regatta 09!

First 'Urban-Surfing' Wind-Scooter Regatta Competition announced!

March 21 (weather-permitting)

Copley Square
Start of the Race at Trinity Place Corner

opening 'cannon' 12 noon

A 12-Circuit Race, with 3 stops

Contact HarborMaster, Commodore Rev. Scooterdude for details and
entry forms.

Furious Winds.....The Season for Serious Scooter-Sailing!

The Waterfront-route (which includes Rowe’s Wharf, Fanueil Hall, along State Street and over Beacon Hill then across again to South Station) can hardly match the ‘surf’ of the Copley Sq. area, but it kept me in its loop for the sheer variety of paths and people. It was a sweet taste of what it could be like as I happened upon some DJ music for the Zipcar promotion in Downtown Crossing. Figure-Scooting is second only to Scooter-Sailing when it comes to sheer joy. In that oppressive venue, with dark cavernous hollows cut by hostile store-fronts and lost gazes on people meandering through shadows unsure and distrustful of their surroundings (it’s one of the most violent areas in the city!), I can’t help but feel my presence and performance at least might bring some lightness and childlike release. At least, it appears on the smiles of children, elders, and even the cops on the beat.