Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spectacular Day

I was again ‘taking in’ the day I had for myself, and when I got out “on the surf” it was a spectacularly beautiful day for the sport. Some serious wind-gusts finally, bright sunshine and wonderful people to meet.

I especially enjoyed seeing some of my favorite ‘regulars’, Bob, Annette, Jimmy, a several groups of tourists and cruise-ship visitors who gave me the thumbs-up and the laughter I so often crave for approval.

But, there was this boy, with his parents on the sidewalk.

His Mom and Dad were ignoring his tears and crying while their attention was, whether deliberately or no, distracted in studying a map of the area.

Seeing this boy in such dejection, this is when I also saw my opportunity.
With the sun brilliantly appearing from behind me, I quickly lifted the K2 up and onto my chin in my display of wonder and joy. I’d hoped he was looking.
And, sure enough, as I brought it down, there, in front of me, not the tearful, sad boy who was there before, but a boy whose face was glowing with a smile so wonderful it was the kind to bring tears to my eyes. I smiled back, and, with his parents still preoccupied, there was this wonderful instant when these two souls could share the moment and encourage one another. “Everything’s going to be all right. You’ll be fine. There’s more to the world than what your parents may be trying to find on a map! Don’t worry. You have a wonderful world to discover on your own, even if you feel abandoned or neglected..... Take heart...It’s all wonderful!” This is what was exchanged silently, but heart-to-heart through the eyes and the bright smile of our faces.

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