Friday, September 25, 2009

Wind-Scooter Makes Another Splash

Recently received this very nice commendation from a fan. I’ve learned that he works with children nearby and will soon be assisting the next generation of ‘Wind-Scooter-Sailors’!
Yes! A real thrill for me and soooo excited to think that there might one day be ‘flocks’ of ‘flying Scooter-Sailors!!!

“Scooter Dude,
A few weeks ago myself and several of my friends met you right outside of Faneuil hall and although they didn’t get very excited, I became very intrigued with you, and your wind-powered board!  So intrigued that I have started construction on my very own board, and with some practice I hope to someday meet you out on the streets.
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say “You rock!” and keep on keepin on!  This world would be dull and bland without people like you willing think differently and live outside the box.  Attached I have a picture that I took of you riding that I thought you might enjoy.  Stay safe, man!

Thanks, Kyle!

ps. See you at the 2nd Annual Urban-Surfing/Wind-Scooter Regatta, March 2010!

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