Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is a great way to approach your activities, no matter what you are doing or how you’re occupied. Just add the suffix “-Practice” and you understand a more complete meaning to your acting and doing.

And, I certainly enjoyed a meaningful activity yesterday! The wind, as observed by one of my construction-worker friends at the corner of Clarendon St. and Stuart St., was gusting to at least 27 mph. I caught some of my best ‘waves’ in months and it was a real fine afternoon for the sport. To another biker passing by who was questioning how safe my activity was.
        “Aren’t you taking some big risks?” he asked me.
        I answered, “Of course. It’s like any X-sport or great challenge. It’s like Bungee-Jumping, Surfing, Mountain-climbing, bout risks! Yea, and sometimes these cars morph into sharks in the water! The risks are real, and the skill-level is high, but so is the thrill! And, after more than six years working at this, I’m developing the high-level of mastery required for it. When I catch the right wave,! You can’t believe the feeling!”

However, today again is an exceptionally fine morning for urban-surfing, the ‘surf’s up! and I can’t take the morning off to engage in the sport, but rather, like everyone else, I need to go to my job and work.
So, I’m anxious.
I’m searching for a way....
a way to find acceptance in everyday mundane activity when I’m not out on the waves.
It occurs to me that my ‘work-practice’ might be better understood, however, if I can superimpose the wind-sport onto my daily tasks.

“Yes, the wind is still blowing.
So, let it blow in me. My spirit and my life.....The sheer joy, full and complete, with nothing else expected or required, this is life.
This is Wind.
This is Spirit.
This is Life.




Let my life now become a continual Ride with the wind blowing in and around me, whether or not I’m on the scooter.

Ah, the Ride. Isn’t it great!

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