Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Testing my skills, not only of managing the craft but of withstanding the wind-chill (must have been well below -10’) and the greatest of challenges to my endurance and stamina.

Staying warm (or at least avoiding frost-bite) was a priority.
It should be noted here that a secondary invention was extremely useful in keeping my nose and the rest of my
exposed face from the bitter cold. I’ve discovered that the plastic sail provides an excellent temporary solar-warmed, wind-protective ‘tent’ as I headed back into the wind for my next gust-ride. It causes me to wonder why something of this sort is not devised for people subjected to Arctic conditions, whether on mountain summits or enduring polar climates. This kind of plastic ‘Bubble’ proved extremely useful and a great relief from the steady punches of frigid gusts.

As for the sport, the multiple layers of clothing made for a difficult manipulation of the sail.
Protective goggles made for limited visibility. I was aching for that warm condition when all I had to worry about were my elbow and wrist guards and helmet.

But, it all was so worthwhile!
Again, the character of
Scootering-sailing as a Winter sport was proven. I demonstrated this with a wonderful freedom. The sheer joy of some of the best rides I’ve ever experienced made for a memorable day of this unique sport of mine.

Of course, the people who passed by, bundled up clutching their scarf-covered faces bent over to try and push through the formidable force against them, gave a quick glance. I could discern underneath all of their covering a grin or two.

The people who might consider my sport to be utter foolishness I try to leave alone.
But, to the others, who give me a thumbs-up or a shout-out “Genius!” I let out a hearty laugh and try to share the tremendous thrill and wonder which I’m so privileged to enjoy.

Finally, it was great to meet my niece out there unexpectedly. It was only to her that I freely admitted the craziness of my urban-surfing, observing that it was like skiing atop Mt. Loon!. LOL

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