Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moby Dick Spotted Near Copley Square!

“Thar she blows!!!!”

As the Wind-Scootering Season commences and preparations for the Second Annual Wind-Scooter Regatta get underway, the conditions yesterday were formidable yet ideal.


Because, the wind gusts were sustained well above 20 mph, the roads were wet but remarkably smooth to navigate, and the direction was in that perfect clock-wise pattern around the church, down Boylston and then back up Stuart. Ol Scoot could make at least half to three-quarters of the circuit, if not the entire circuit on a ‘run’.

For a seasoned Wind-Scooter-Sailor, the heavy rain and spray made the course feel identical to the open seas, with crashing of waves against the bow!

“Avast, me hearties!”

“There be a wild one!”

Scooterdude may have even spotted the White Whale off the starboard-bow through the dense spray and sheets of water!

He was hailed by the passing Coast Guard near the Hancock Tower (the BPD in passing ‘cruisers’ ) and checked in for any needs and provisions. “I’m okay! Thanks!” he yelled back and pressed on through the violent wind and surf!

Epic sport indeed!

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