Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late Winter Practice - Date(s) of the 2nd AWSR Posted

Despite feeling 'under-the-weather' and being gripped by another head-cold, Ol'Scooterdutt will attempt to keep up his practice-schedule before next month's 2nd Annual Wind-Scooter Regatta.

(Details will be posted in the next few weeks. Held on the last weekend of March, this year it will be determined whether or not conditions are favorable for either 3/27 or 3/28.)

Rev. Scooterdude Certificate of Ordination

This is just to re-post my ordination credentials as the subject came up in a pleasant visit and interview by Ms. Casey Atkins. Ol' Rev. Scooterdude was not for a loss of words as this visit to his working place proved to be an enjoyable afternoon of sharing more of The Practice and Philosophy of Scooterdude-Way.

And, of course, the link is:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back in Action!

Great day. I didn't expect it but great gusts around noontime.

Also, enjoyed meeting a new friend, Lyric, who gave me a good word of support.

Hope to be out more as March approaches and the Second Annual Wind-Scooter Regatta gets underway.

Rear-Wheel busted!

really bummed that on such a good day as yesterday, with winds strong and steady, the screw came loose and fell off my real-wheel. Had to stop and go home. Repairs won't take too long however, and this week doesn't look like any great sailing either.