Saturday, June 19, 2010

Castle Island the Place to Be for Wind-Sports

Winds Were Great! Star-10!

I was bustin' to get an early start and catch some 'waves' in the Square. I was not, definitely NOT disappointed. The winds were sustained and strong, apparently from the South. I was snatched up on St. James St. and whisked across the plaza, in front of the Church and then continued down Boylston Street. Every ride was a good one.

And, then, at the evening of the day with Piccolo-Pup in tow, we thrilled to the acrobatics of the wind-surfers at Castle Island.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giant Butterflies Invade Castle Island!

Scooterdude happened to be walking Piccolo Pup early this morning along the trails of Castle Island when, all of a sudden, he spotted this Giant Butterfly in the tree!
Piccolo Pup just barked but Scooterdude thought it best to contact the proper authorities, like the CIA (Castle Island Association!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cloudburst! And, Caught the Huge Wave!

Scooterdude braved perhaps the greatest winds so far this season, close to hurricane-force, yesterday as a cold front/storm blasted westward through the city. Most memorable was the dark squall-line which followed straight down Boylston St. in the darkest shadow in midday seen in a long time. The best way to describe it - catching a huge wave of 'surf' and managing to ride it four to five blocks before an unfortunate fall at Arlington St. atop a manhole cover.
There was just enough time to pick one's self up, see the solid sheet of water approaching, and race to the shelter of the T stop.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

WInd-Power Vehicle Advancement!

Wind-powered car goes down wind faster than the wind

( -- A wind-powered car has been clocked in the US traveling down wind faster than the wind. In a recent run at New Jerusalem in Tracy, California, the car reached a top speed of more than 2.85 times faster than the wind blowing at the time (13.5 mph) powered by the wind itself. The run should now settle the DWFTTW (down wind faster than the wind) debate that has been raging for some time on the Internet about whether or not such a feat was possible.