Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strong Winds for First Preliminary Trials - "Wind-Heaven! 20011"

The incredibly bitter cold added to the challenge of getting back onto the urban-surf.


"Fantastic Ride!" were a few of the comments. It amazed everyone that despite the dirt white residue of months' snow with some gravel sand and salt there were excellent conditions for practice before next month's big event.

Surveying possible routes for the Regatta was Scooterdude and a few supporters. Depending on wind direction, the preferred routes include either Stuart Street (from Dartmouth St. to Berkeley St.) or Boylston Street (from Clarendon St. to Arlington St.). Cross-streets and direction would also be determined upon weather conditions.

Corporate sponsors to date:
      Poof-Puff Wind-breakers
      Oggle Goggles
      Jet-Stream Xtreme Sports (apparel, nutrition, attitude!)
      DF Magazine

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