Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top 10 Most Curious Reactions to the Wind-Scooter

10.         While breezing past some pedestrians, there comes the curious question from some spectator, “Hey, does that thing actually work?!”

9.        Someone always volunteers the great insight, “Hey, you should patent that! You could make lots of money!”

8. There’s always some trace of arrogance in the comment,”Hey, you’ve got a hole in your sail, ha ha ha. You’ll never get anywhere with that!”

7. There’s the odd question, “Hey, are you actually trying to fly?!”

6. Some people may think they’re actually offering constructive criticism by suggesting that the Esplanade or Castle Island would be a better place to “do that!”

5. Certain security guards, park rangers or other uninformed (did I mean ‘uniformed’? don’t think so.) personnel will, on surprisingly infrequent occasion, give chase and insist that “There’s no skateboarding, roller-blading, or bike-riding here! Go and take that somewhere else!” (Wind-scootering too?)

4. There’s the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ reaction when a pedestrian crossing against the traffic light steps right in front of the Wind-scooter, stops and, stunned, waits for there to be a collision. Fortunately, both my skill and the braking feature of the scooter secures my immediate halt. I look intently at the pedestrian in the middle of the road, while I ( and the rest of the traffic) wait for him/her to regain composure and cross to the other side safely. “Please, could you now get out of the middle of the road. Thank-you.”

3. The road may first seem fairly clear of traffic, yet one car or taxi seems to wish to make a point by speeding up behind me and honk that Scooterdude should pull aside and let the car have all lanes. “Get off the road, whacko!” However, given the congestion of city traffic, it’s usually only a little while longer when I pass the same car which is now stopped at the next traffic-light.

2.         When performing some tricks with the scooter, like balancing it on top of the chin, there’s sometimes someone with a kind of death-wish who sidles up dangerously close. He stands oblivious, surveying only the other people and sights around the area, curiously intent on some intimate(too intimate!) contact with the performance.

And, finally, the most annoying:

1.        Someone yells from the back-seat of a passing car,

                                      “HEY!                 GET A JOB!”      

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